The phantom church creates by Edoardo Tresoldi

The Italian scenographer and sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi, creates amazing sculptures by weaving strands of metal mesh, transforming a common industrial material in precious crafted item.
His aesthetic endeavors to grasp the relation of the human body in space that surrounds it, transparent sculptures representing a frozen moment in time.
His concept of sculpture comes from the desire to tell the dialogue that is established between a figure and the surrounding space, made possible through the creation of an empathic relationship between the viewer and the work.
Following, one of him most recent project the Phantom Church of Santa Maria Maggiore di Siponto in Italy’s Puglia.
The permanent installation marks the opening of a new archaeological park beside an existing church, to permit to every visitors to admire the ancient charm of a roman by now destroyed.

basilica-di-siponto-05 basilica-di-siponto-03 Phantom church basilica-di-siponto-01 basilica-di-siponto-04


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